Purpose of Budo Research

Japan has its own martial arts culture called Budo.
The Japanese Budo council defines the next nine as Budo. Judo, Karate, Kendo, Sumo, Kyudo, Aikido, Shorinji Kenpo, Naginata and Jukendo. But besides this there are many Budo and Bujitsu in Japan.
Although Budo is written as martial arts in English, Budo in Japan is not merely a technique for fighting.
The kanji “武” means the strength to win victory.
The kanji “道” means a way.
Budo is to explore ways to keep winning. It is not merely to acquire skills to win the battle. Various things go into battle. Life, society, business, sports are also fighting.
Winning does not mean to let anyone lose. Life and society are not games competing for ranking as there is the word win-win. Budo brings victory to as many people as possible.

These ideas are not common in Japan now. Karate develops such as being the event of the Olympic Games in 2020. But it is only famous as Budo’s game aspect.
Budo is not valid only for athletes. It is truly effective for people living a normal life.
Budo Research hopes to share these facts with all of you.
There is a story that a smart person is good at finding common points. It can be said that Budo is the way to find something in common with society.
It is not Budo to simply move the body. It is Budo to devise ideas with your own head and find the best.
Indeed, the original Budo has a technology aspect of combat. It is not good to forget about it. But Budo kept remaining after the war in Japan. That’s because Budo has inherited philosophy as well as not just conveying techniques for battle. Budo is made to train both mind and body.
Even if your body is healthy it will not work if there is damage to mental. Even though only the mind is solid, it does not make sense if the body is weak. It is budo to put two together.

Budo always has two sides. It is important how you manage this balance.
In Japan, Budo is no longer old. The number of Japanese who do not understand what has been explained so far is increasing. Budo Research’s primary objective is to redefine Budo. The number of times Budo is searched with google is less than 100,000 times per month. The number of searches for other karate, judo and aikido are similar.
Budo is no longer being talked about on the web of Japan. We don’t think that Budo can decline as it is. Budo has more possibilities.
It is the purpose of Budo Research to introduce a part of such possibilities and contribute even a little to the future development of Budo.
With love for Budo.