Theory of No touch aikido by Master Hajime


No touch Aikido may seem like a psychic in general thinking.

But if you understand the theory you will find it not.

The opponent falls without touching it because opponent needs to be fall down.

The technique of no touching is not a magic skill.

It’s a collaborative effort that each other is doing for both safety.

No touching means escape before hitting.

But it is not just a dance.

It must be an attack that makes the other party think it should be avoided.

Here are videos of interesting experiments. this video may help your understand.

Originally Budo assumes a weapon.

For example, sports such as boxing can not move as usual if the opponent has a weapon.

Boxing is a ruled sport, so you do not have to deal with weapons.

In Budo’s view this is not efficient.

So even with bare hands, Budo assumes weapons.

It is inefficient if you change the movement depending on the presence or absence of a weapon.

Even if you have a weapon or an opponent has a weapon, it is better to have Keiko the same movement.

Follow me!


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