What is “Shinku-no-Qi,” the art of defeating people without touching them

In Aikido, there is a dubious term called “Shinku-no-Qi”.


The founder of Aikido explained that there are two kinds of Qi: there is “ku-no-Qi” and “Shinku-no-Qi”.
Bansen Tanaka, the founder of Osaka Aikikai, explained in his book that it is important to understand Shinku-no-Qi.


What was Shinku-no-Qi really all about? This video is a hint to such a question.


Meaning of Shinku-no-Qi

In Aikido, it is often said, “Relax your body and do not use arm strength.


When you think about this on a personal level, it tends to sound like some kind of magic that requires very little muscle power, can be controlled with a single finger, and can be moved without touching, but don’t forget that there is an opponent to defeat.


They hit you, they bump into you, they antagonize you. When such forces are at work on the opponent, Aikido can lead the opponent to a state where he cannot exert any force. Bansen Tanaka sensei described such a state as “Shinku-no-Qi”.

Excerpt from “Aikido Shinzui” by Bansen Tanaka
It says that when the body shifts to the dotted circle (Shinku-no-Qi), the person loses their center.


According to this, an unbalanced state in which the other person cannot stand on there own axis is a state of “Shinku-no-Qi”.


Once you understand what it is like and can reproduce it, you will be able to move them easily.


Once you have your opponent in this state, you don’t have to rely on muscle power to defeat your opponent, and you don’t even have to use your fingers or touch them.


How to lead to “Shinku-no-Qi”? Isn’t that the way to use the laws of physics that we should discover through Keiko?

Theory of No touch aikido by Master Hajime


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