How Does True Irimi Works In Aikido (YouTube Video With English subtitles)

Let’s think about meaning of Irimi

In Aikido, “Irimi Tenkan” is the basic technique, but in the first place I think that there are few people only think about what Irimi is and what Tenkan realy means.

In the first place, Irimi is the contact to opponent from the front. If it’s so your all of your contact will be Irimi.

Irimi is Irimi in any way, but Irimi in Aikido means that you must be able to do Tenkan properly after Irimi.

I thinks that is the true “Irimi” which can use both Irimi and Tenkan any time like Yin and Yang.

“Irimi” also means taking the center from the front of the opponent, and in the book call “Aikido”written by kissyomaru Ueshiba, there is a description that Irimi is omote and Tenkan is ura.(1)

First of all, I would like to practice firmly from Irimi.

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(1)“Aikido” written by kissyomaru ueshiba, Supervision by Morihei Ueshiba.

(2)Original YouTube by Master Hajime (Japanese)

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