How to move opponent in Aikido

How to move people is a universal theme

Moving people is important in every field.

It seems to be hard to move people physically and mentally.

This video tells you that is not the case.

If you can find the right balance, you can easily move people.

To move people, you must be balanced and be in the center.

Aikido founder said it is  “Matsurugi(真釣儀)”.

In Japan, festivals(祭) and politics(政) are synonymous terms and are called MATSURI.

Matsurgi(真釣儀) is written in kanji like this.

真 true
釣 balance
儀 Ritual

In short, it means balancing.

That’s the same whether it’s a festival, politics, or Budo.

It ’s important to balance everything.

If you are too biased to move your opponent, you can’t move it. People don’t move properly when you’re not good.

It looks easy when you watch a video, but it’s hard to do it by yourself.

If you try to move your opponent, your balance will be lost.

Even if you understand it, it doesn’t go well.

In fact, people move with a little balance.

We want to practice without forgetting that.

”Even if I know it in my head, my body won’t listen”


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