Can you handle blows at Aikido?

In order to show a video to someone who doesn’t know aikido and have them understand what is going on, an explanation is necessary.


This article will focus on one video and explain what is being done.


Here’s the video I’ll be explaining.↓

Can you handle blows at aikido?

This video is from a seminar Master Hajime gave in 2004 for martial artists who had never experienced Aikido before.


At that time, it was still not as easy to upload videos as it is now, so many martial artists had doubts about aikido.


“Can you handle blows at aikido?” This seminar was held to answer the questions of such martial artists.


Can Aikido techniques really cope with the steps and feints used by today’s martial artists?


In Aikido, we emphasize defending the center and attacking the center.
Rather than reacting to an opponent’s feint as in modern martial arts, Master Hajime looks to see if the opponent will come into his center or not.

Theory of No touch aikido by Master Hajime

When your opponent decides to attack, you are already attacking his center. It’s easy to write about, but it takes some experience to actually do it.


What Aikido practices is such an aspect of training, which is why it trains a different part of the body than speed and instantaneous power.


↓Click here for the full version.


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