The most important thing in Budo(Japanese martial arts) is how you walk

In Budo (Japanese martial arts), how you walk is fundamental of every move.

If you can not walk correctly, you will make a big difference later.

You can use Budo techniques well if you can walk correctly.

Some people don’t know how to walk in Budo.

What is different from walking normally?

Why is it so important?

First of all, I will answer such questions.

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Need to be stable to act

Walking is the basis of human
Difference of Budo walking

Need to be stable to act

One of the youngest and associate professors at the University of Pennsylvania is Adam Grant.

In his book “ORIGINALS”, he describes what features are found in successful entrepreneurs.(1)

It is often said that many of the successful entrepreneurs actually had stable jobs and employment opportunities.

For example,

Abraham Lincoln who is said to be the greatest president in the United States who released slaves.

Bill Gates who made Microsoft.

Steve Woznyak who was Steve Jobs’s buddy at Apple

These people actually had stable employment and qualifications.

Being stable means that you can do challenging things in other areas.

Entrepreneurs are generally thought to take risks and achieve great success.

But in fact, it is not so and it is possible to do adventures because it distributes the risk steadily.

This is true of everything.

Of course it is also true for walking.

If you can’t walk stably, it will be difficult to find out the other person’s instability.

There is a theory that old karate was supposed to fight on a swaying ship.

If only you are stable on a swaying ship, you will be able to easily defeat opponents who do not balance on the ship.

On the contrary, it seems that you can not talk if you are losing balance easily.

Being able to walk stably at any place is a basic thing that you should definitely learn in Budo.

In this way, how to walk is a basic and core part of Budo.

Walking is the basis of human

People are living things that make an overwhelming difference from other animals by walking.

It has been scientifically proven that there are many benefits to you just by the act of walking.

It works for high blood pressure. It is effective against diabetes. It is effective for obesity. Mortality rate decreases.

Walking will improve your mood. Enhance your sense of well-being. Increase your concentration. You can also expect meditative effects.

These effects can be obtained by walking 30 minutes every day.

Some studies have shown that reading a book while walking leads to reading faster than sitting and reading a book.

Studies also show that taking a walk makes it easier to come up with new ideas.

Walking in this way is very important for you and provides many benefits.

If you practice Budo walking in addition to this, you will gain enormous benefits.

If you walk badly, you will see various problems on your body.

If you have a problem with your waist, you may have a problem with your feet as a result of covering your waist, and the balance of the height of the left and right shoulders will be change.

There are also studies that sex offenders and other offenders instinctively aim at women who are not good at walking.

Conversely, research is also being conducted to identify offenders from the way they walk.

In this way, one way of walking leads to various things.

Walking properly is all that matters.

You can make a big difference by just walking.

All you need to do is just walk.

Difference of Budo walking

The way of walking in martial arts has a name such as “Nanba walking” or “Namiashi” in famous places in japan.

There are many ways to call it. Essentially what it means is the way of walking that can be used for all tasks using the body.

It is way to walk an unstable place such as mountain.

you can climb the mountain without getting tired than usual.

You can also use when you carrying heavy items for a long time.

The samurai was holding two large and small swords at his waist.

One sword is said to be about 800 g to 1.5 kg including the sheath. So the big and small swords together are about 2-3 kg.

Because the sword is warped sideways long, if you hang it on your waist well the weight of swords will be halved.

However, it is quite difficult to move for a long time with this hanging.

When it comes to war, Samurai will move with armor.

Samurai needed an efficient way to walk in such a case.

In today’s sports, it is important to move quickly and instantly.

After the game, it’s no problem if you get tired and you can’t move no more.

In Budo, it is necessary to maintain the strength for a long time.

Exhaustion in a battle without end time means death.

So how should we walk?

The hint is hidden in the style of the time. Samurai was walking in Zouri (Japanese sandals) and kimono (Japanese traditional costumes).

This way of walking leads to the way of walking in Budo.

To be continued to…

The next commentary is a practice method of Budo walking style.

Wear sandals and just walk! Basics of Japanese martial arts and Budo



(1) Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World



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