Three meditation which change your brain:How to use meditation in Budo(Martial arts)

It is known that meditation activates various parts of the brain. This is a 2017 study by the Max Planck Institute in Germany.

This time I will explain how to use meditation and how to apply it to your Budo and martial arts.

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Purpose of meditation
Three meditation methods
Breathing meditation
Observation meditation
Mercy meditation

Purpose of meditation

Last time I explained that there are many benefits to meditation.

So why meditation change us like this?

It ‘s because you can find out that you have no control over your thinking.

There is a famous psychology experiment called Ironic process theory.(1)

A group that was shown a video about polar bears was instructed to “never think only of polar bears”.

It is an experiment that turns out the ironic result is that the group has better memory of the video than any other group.

On the contrary, the more you think you try not to think, the more you will remember in memory.

So you have no control over your thinking. Meditation is useful to realize when you lose your control.

I guess everyone has experience like this. when you were watching Youtube and you realized that you were watching something different from the one you wanted.

As you continue to meditate, you will notice that you have lost your consciousness. 

You don’t think that’s a big deal, right?

Many people are watching youtube, which they did not intend to watch. Of course this is not limited to youtube. There are many such things in life.

If you notice this, you can use your time more effectively.

Three meditation methods and  merits in Budo

from now I will introduce a meditation method that the Max Planck Institute in Germany actually experimented and proved that there is a change in the brain.(2)

By the way, such meditation is called mindfulness meditation.

Breathing meditation

This is quite simple meditation.

Exhale for as long as possible, and inhale if exhaled. It is breathing meditation to repeat this slowly.

This basically lasts about 5 to 10 minutes.

In the meantime, you focus only on your breathing. If you start thinking about something extra, return to your breathing.

that’s all.

It is good meditation to beginner.

It is the part of the brain about concentration that can be trained in this meditation.

Focusing on anything is important. If your cell phone rings or someone calls while you are concentrating on something, your concentration will be cut off.

When your concentration is strengthened, it becomes difficult to distract you from such events.

It may be an important ability not to get in the way of Keiko.

Observation meditation

Observational meditation is a meditation that focuses on an event in front of you or any one of your senses.

For example, if you focus only on the skin sense, you will try to feel active about what the skin sense is.

you will only consider the wind that hits your skin, the heat and cold, and what changes are happening now.

Be careful not to be disturbed by your emotions.

you will judge things objectively.

By doing this, the part related to the brain’s empathy is trained.

The first step to know others is from yourself. If your senses become sharper, you will also be able to understand the person’s.

In Budo, it can be used to read the other person’s thoughts and actions.

What matters when you read the other person’s mind is how you can be calm without being influenced by your emotions.

Observation meditation stabilizes you and allows you to observe the other person calmly.

Mercy meditation

this will be a difficult meditation.

Pray for yourself, family, friends, others and people who you dislike.

One by one slowly prays for the following for all these people. From happiness / distress to liberation / joy / peace.

Observe how your emotions changed as you prayed for each person.

It is said that mercy meditation can have great effects.

The effects of increased happiness and telomeres (lifespan) have been confirmed.

This meditation trains the brain area of ​​cognitive ability.

You will be able to make the right decision.

In this meditation you pray for the happiness of the people you dislike, so your ability to see things equally will be strengthened.

You will be able to make accurate decisions without being disturbed by your feelings of disgust.

In Budo, it can be said that it is effective for calm and accurate situation judgment.

It is probably because these effects actually exist that many religions in the world let the believers do the same thing.

Appreciation seems to be less effective, but in fact it has been proved to have various scientific effects.

These are the three meditation methods in which brain changes have been confirmed by the Max Planck Institute.

This meditation also can be done in combination.


In fact, mindfulness meditation will come to mind if you pay attention to one thing regardless of anything.

Karate’s “Kata” is a kind of meditation if you focus on your physical senses.

If you are doing Budo, you may be careful about walking and attitudes.

If you focus only on those things, it is still meditation.

If you even understand this, smoking a cigarette is a kind of breathing meditation.

It is the same even if it is dishwashing.

All you have to do is understand yourself, you will easily think about other things.

To meditate is to know yourself and to become conscious of your unconscious.

How much time do you think it takes for such a meditation?

Many studies suggest that it will be effective if you continue meditation for 10 to 20 minutes a day for about 8 weeks.

But the most important thing is to continue.

It should be a habit to continue. First of all, it would be better to start with 2 sets of 5 minutes.

If you meditate after brushing morning teeth or taking a bath at night, you may find it a habit.

It is more important than anything to continue with meditation.

Recently, there will be a lot of people that incoming calls and notifications on mobile phones are ringing endlessly.

Such communication deprives you of the power to focus on one thing.

It is very good for you to create a time that is consistent with your concentration, even for 10 minutes a day.

To be continued to…

If you can be mind full everything can be meditation.

How about practicing Budo and Martial arts style of walking.

Wear sandals and just walk! Basics of Japanese martial arts and Budo




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