Do you know the meaning of Keiko: Let’s know Japanese culture by knowing the meaning of Keiko.

Have you ever worked hard on anything?

The word Keiko in Japanese is a word for those who try to achieve something.

Knowing the meaning of this word will surely help you.

In Japan, when practicing or training Budo or Martial arts, we use the word “Keiko”.

People familiar with Japanese culture may have heard of it.

Keiko has deep meaning and history.

“Keiko” comes from Kojiki which is the book Japanese myths written.

Keiko means “Learn from the past and make use of it to the present”.

These words symbolize the culture of Japan that has been around since ancient times.

I will explain Keiko, so please read it if you like to know more about Keiko.

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Keiko thinking from words

Keiko thinking from meaning

Keiko connect dots

Keiko thinking from words

Under normal circumstances Keiko translates in the sense of practice and training.

I would like to explain the meaning of Keiko in Japanese from Kanji.

Each word contains various meanings for kanji.

Kanji is useful when you want to know the hidden meaning and origin.

Let’s compare Keiko and some kanji words that are similar meaning to it.

Keiko【稽古】is made up of two kanji combinations.

【稽】Kei has the meaning of “thinking” and “thinking in comparison”.
【古】Ko means “old” or “far back”.

In other words, Japanese as Keiko has a meaning to think now compared to the past.

It is interesting that Keiko has no sense of practice or discipline.

Rensyu【練習】means practice in japan and it made up these two kanji combination.

【練】Ren means “knead”. it also means “work over” and “polish up”.

【習】Syu means learn.

Rensyu means learn and practice the same thing over and over again to increase completeness.

Tanren【鍛錬】means hardening and drilling and it made up with these two kanji.

【鍛】Tan has meanings of “work out”, “harden”, “hammer”,”steel” and “practice”.

【練】same as Ren of Rensyu

Rensyu and Tanren can also say it is kind of training but Keiko is not training.

It is because Keiko is not to move the body but to think.

It is quite interesting that we used thinking in the Budo and martial arts as a term of practice.

Meaning of Keiko

Everything must be Keiko if you think in the present time.

In kojiki where keiko first appeared, the sentence follows with Syoukon【照今】.

【照】Syou means “shine on”.

【今】Kon means “now” and “present time”.

Syoukon means “Spot the current”.

In Japan there is a four-character idiom.

Keikosyoukon【稽古照今】is one of them.

it means “Learn from the past and make use of it to the present”.

In Japan, when practicing Budo and martial arts the word Keiko was used. This is very interesting.

The word Keiko explains more fundamental things than using the word practice.

How can you improve your current practice?

For that, it is important to learn from the past and make use of it to the present.

Everything is a trial and error iteration. You will need to improve what you fail.

Keiko means a way to achieve your goals.

It is not Keiko to simply repeat the same thing or continue without changing anything as it used to be.

Keiko connect dots

The same can be said in business.

If you do not use PC or internet for a long time because you did not use it in the past, it would be difficult to make the business succeed in this day.

You should make use of internet, computer and smartphone while taking advantage of old knowledge in business.

With modern technology it is possible to ease the old work.

Steve Jobs’ speech at Stanford University’s 2005 graduation ceremony can be said  Keiko’s ideal situation.

you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.

So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.

You have to trust in something ? your guts, destiny, life, karma, whatever.

This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.


How was it?

Connecting the Dot’s is also based on Keiko’s idea of thinking about the past and improving it now.

Keiko is a term to survive society rather than just words to do lessons.

To do Keiko means to make it better.

This is also a commandment.

Budo sometimes does not change the practice method of the past.

But in modern times we can’t spend more time on Budo than the old people.

You need to think about Keiko’s method which is more effective within a limited time.

You have to find out where the important part of Keiko is.

you have to act considering how we get better.

It is the original Keiko to continue acting in consideration of such things.

Continuing Keiko will result in changing your life.


・Keiko means think now compared to the past.

・you can connect the dots by Keiko.

・we should Keiko for change our life better.

Keiko is not just exercises or training but an analysis using heads.

In this category I would like to introduce what Keiko is in the future.

To be continued to…

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Steve Jobs’ speech at Stanford University’s 2005 graduation ceremony



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