Scientific consideration on Aikido’s thought “winning from the beginning”

Aikido founder has left such a word.

The enemy is already lose at the moment when they try to fight with me.
Aikido don’t resist. because Aikido is winning from the beginning.
A harmful person or person who wants to fight is losing from the beginning.

Certainly what the founder says is good, but do you think it really possible?

This time, I would like to explain about what it means to be “winning from the beginning,” referring to the pressure experiment conducted by the California Institute of Technology.

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How to defeat the pressure by yourself

Reappraisal strategy

The spirit of "wining from the beginning"

How to defeat the pressure by yourself

At the California Institute of Technology, There is research on choking.(1)

Choking is a situation where you can not easily do what you normally can do.

A short distance shot of Golf or Basketball. The same can not be done as we are nearing to win a championship or a great record.

Have you ever been nervous and couldn’t do it as usual?

It is known that this chalking is basically caused by two factors.

1. If the incentive you get is large, the possibility of choking will increase.

2. People who think that they do not want to lose their incentives are more likely to happen.

California Institute of Technology gathered participants and played an exercise game combined with gambling to pay.

And the condition of the participant was checked by MRI examination.

As a result, a situation was found to reduce the occurrence of chalking.

That is when they give the participants such advice.

when you are winning imagine like this

You begin with no money in your pocket. Regard the monetary incentive as an amount of money that you have the opportunity to win.

If you successful you get money, but if you are unsuccessful you will end as you began with nothing.

Imagine how it would feel to gain this money.

When you are losing imagine like this

You should regard the monetary incentives shown at the beginning as “your” money. Imagine the money is in your pocket until end of game.

If you are successful you will get to keep your money, but if you are unsuccessful you have to give this money.

Imagine how it would feel to lose this money.

This is an idea to eliminate negative factors.

When you are winning, you only think about winning and getting the monetary incentives.

If you losing, you will lose the money you already have.

This significantly improved the performance of the participants, who had fallen as incentives went up.

Participants were able to prevent performance degradation significantly with this advice.

Such a strategy is called a Reappraisal strategy at California Institute of Technology.

You can prevent choking by reappraising the current situation and thinking that the situation is good for you.

Reappraisal strategy

In the game, winning and losing are commonplace.

You will be conscious of winning and losing. However, those who keep winning are not obsessed with winning or losing in the near future.

Those in the game world have left such words.

Of course, I am obsessed with winning and losing, but the important thing is the process.
If you just stick to the result, you can use Stone Rock Scissors.

Yoshiharu Habu
A person who has held all of the seven major Shogi titles in Japan for five to seven years in Japan


Today’s game will not change the value of my own. Tomorrow I’ll grow than today. It doesn’t depend on today’s results.

Daigo Umehara
Pro-gamer / Japan’s first fighting game pro, has the Guinness record as a pro-gamer who earns the longest prize in the world


If you take risks, sometime you will fail. The 70% success rate bet fails with a 30% chance. Even if the reality is shifted to 30% and losses occur, those who go straight to the next game are still strong.

Naoki Kihara
The first Japanese to win the World Poker Championship


People who have a lot of victory have the idea that you must not be concerned only with win or lose.

It is the Reappraisal strategy that you can quickly take these ideas.

If you are conscious of winning or losing more than necessary, your performance will decline.

If you can imagine that there is no risk for yourself, you will be able to act as usual during the game.

The spirit of “wining from the beginning”

“Aikido is great non resistance”

“Aikido is winning from the beginning.”

The Aikido founder Morihei Ueshiba, used to say like this in Aikido keiko.

This is Aikido style of Reappraisal strategy.

“A harmful person or person who wants to fight is losing from the beginning.”

you can say these are the persons who concerned to win or lose.

Winning from the beginning means that there is no risk if you lose, and it also means that the pocket already has a monetary incentives.

And this idea is basic of Aikido.

This means the idea of winning from the beginning is not for special people such as masters and geniuses.

If you can think of this, you can try not only fighting but anything.

First of all, how about looking at it from the spirit of “I’m winning from the beginning”?

However, you should not be satisfied with this alone in Budo. If you have the spirits of winning from beginning you also have to show it by your body.

With this spirit in mind, it will be important to be able to create physically superior situations, states and attitudes.






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