Where should we be conscious of when fighting? : From the idea of Zen.

Have you ever failed because you were distracted by something else?

Basically, it is scientifically known that when people concentrate on one thing, other things become neglected.

It seems that you can switch between targets, but you can not be conscious of two things at the same time.

Such trouble seems to have existed in old Japanese martial arts.

The book left by Takuan soho (the major figure in the Rinzai school of Zen Buddhism) describes the solution to this problem.

不動智神妙禄(Fudo-chi-shinmyo-roku) is a book about the similarities between swords and Zen.

It was sent to Yagyu Munenori, the leader of the famous swordsmanship Faction call Yagyu-Sinkage-Ryu.

I would like to introduce the fifth section, an explanation of the place to keep conscious.

This is a translation of MATSURI, so it may be different from the actual one.

Table of contents

・不動智神妙禄(Fudo-chi-shinmyo-roku) section five

・How do we do this?

不動智神妙禄(Fudo-chi-shinmyo-roku) section five

The place to keep consciousness

If you are conscious of the behavior of the enemy, your consciousness will be taken there.

If you are conscious of the enemy’s sword, your consciousness will be taken there.

If you are conscious of cutting the enemy, your consciousness will be taken there.

If you are conscious of your own sword, your consciousness will be taken there.

If you do not want to be cut, your consciousness will be taken of the fact that you do not want to be cut.

If you are conscious of your stance, your consciousness will be taken there.

There is no place to be conscious anyway.

If you put your consciousness somewhere, it will be taken where the consciousness went and you will lose to the enemy.

The one person told me like this.

“If It’s so I don’t move my consciousness from my pit of stomach and I will turn my consciousness after I saw opponents move.”

Certainly that is correct.

But in Buddhism that level is low. Such ideas can not improve.

It’s a stage during study. It is not a stage to be respected yet.

Or it is the level that Mencius has asked look for the heart.(1)Separately described

If you try to not move the consciousness from your pit of stomach, you consciousness will be taken to there.

This will be inconvenient.

So the one person asked me like this.

“If I can not force my consciousness under pit of stomach and it is inconvenient, where should I put my consciousness on the body?”

I answered like this.

If you conscious to your right hand it will taken to your right hand and balance will broke.

If you conscious to your eye, eye will take it. Conscious to right leg, right leg will take it.

If you put your consciousness in one place, your consciousness in other places will be lost.

Then where should I conscious?

I answer as follows.

If you do not put it anywhere, it spreads to the whole body and spreads throughout, use to your hands when using hands, use to your feet when using legs, and use to your eyes when using eyes.

The more you spread your consciousness, the more you can use it.

If you set your conscious in one place, it will taken to there and you can not use it.

If you think, you are conscious of your thoughts and you can not even make sense.

Thrown your consciousness to your whole body and use it where you need it, when needed.

If you put your consciousness in one place, you will fall biased. To be biased means to be settled on one side.

To be right means to have gone everywhere.

The right mind is a sense of consciousness throughout the body that not settled to one side.

It is called biased that the heart settles to one side and one side is missing.

I hate bias. Staying in all things is biased and it doesn’t make sense.

Consciousness spreads and spreads throughout, if you do not intend to put it somewhere.

Use your consciousness each time by the work of the opponents without putting your consciousness anywhere.

If your consciousness throughout the body, you use your consciousness on your hand when you need hand. use your consciousness on your leg when you need your leg.

If you decide to put it in one place and try to pull it out from the place where you put it, it will stop at that place and you will not be able to use it.

If you hold your consciousness and hold it in your own place, you will be conscious of yourself.

If you throw it inside of you, it won’t go anywhere else.

It is practice to devise not to stay in one place.

It is important not to keep your consciousness anywhere.

It is everywhere if you don’t put it anywhere.

Even if you put your consciousness outside, if you put your consciousness on one side other nine sides will be lose.

If you don’t put your consciousness on one side, your consciousness will be ten side.

How do we do this?

How was it?

Question:Where should we put our consciousness?

Answer:Let’s be able to use the necessary place when needed without being conscious of anywhere.

It will explaining such things for a long sentence.

However, it is quite difficult not to conscious on one thing.

Even in practice, you should aim for this kind of situation.

There are practice methods to experience what this condition is like.

I would like to introduce this method in another article.

Mencius article

Mencius said Compassion is the mind of a person, Righteousness is the way of person.

It is a sad thing that you get off way and do not explore your mind.

If the animal you’re keeping runs away, you will go looking for it. You should look for your mind as well.

The way of learning is nothing but searching for a free mind.

to be continued to…

How to experience in practice what state it is to respond without being conscious.

coming soon.




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